Ninben Tsuyunomoto Tsuyu, 500ml
  • Ninben Tsuyunomoto Tsuyu, 500ml

Ninben Tsuyunomoto Tsuyu, 500ml


Tsuyu is a combination of the three basic seasonings of Japanese cuisine into one bottle; it contains dashi for umami, soy sauce for saltiness, and mirin (rice wine) for sweetness. It is a fast alternative to cook a wide variety of Japanese dishes.

Made with real organic soy sauce and domestic bonito fish and kelp, this tsuyu is light but rich in taste and with just the right amount of water, it is perfect for cooking but even better as a condiment for salads, tofu, and diluted with hot cooking water as dip for cold noodles or tempura dressing.

No chemical seasoning, preservatives and colorants are used.




Nutrition Facts

Per 100ml

Energy: 111kcal

Fat: 0g

Carbohydrate: 22.7g

Protein: 5g

Salt: 10.9g



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