Koji Plus White Miso, 650g
  • Koji Plus White Miso, 650g

Koji Plus White Miso, 650g


Grain type « koji plus » white miso large box.

Koji is a fungus produced by the fermentation of rice, barley or soybeans, full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that adds umami and amami (sweetness) to the taste of food, and it is thought to benefit health from centuries.

Made only from 100% Japanese rice, GM-free soybeans and salt, this miso contains no artificial colors or flavors.

Does not contain dashi (fish stock).





Rice, GM-free soy beans, Salt

Nutrition Facts

Per 100g:

Energy: 210kcal

Fat: 4g

Carbohydrate: 35.1g

Protein: 8.4g

Salt: 11.7g

*Refrigerate once opened and consume as quick as possible.



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